About Video Poker Player

Video poker is played online by many US players who enjoy gambling from the convenience and privacy of their own computer.

About Video Poker

Video poker is a form of poker normally played on an electronic screen. It is a fast paced game and can be simply the player against the machine if you like. At casinos you often see this game on the table tops at the bar. It is just like it sounds. It�s a video game that plays poker. Most simply it is five card draw where the player places his bet and then draws his cards. He can keep his cards or discard up to three cards and receive new cards from the dealer. The computer determines the best poker hand and then collects the bets or pays out as appropriate. Or if you choose it can be any one of dozens of variations.

Different Types of Video Poker

Play does not have to be five card draw. Players can select from the games of their choice to include variations and special rules such as allowing wild cards, choosing Jacks or better play, using a bonus play, playing multi-player games or myriad other choices. Most players begin with the basic 5 card draw until comfortable with the play and house rules. At any time a player can advance to a different game.

Learn to Play Video Poker

If you are unfamiliar with video poker play, then the best to learn how to play may be to try a free game.  Learn the rules and have some fun before playing with your cash.  Choose to play only on the sites that let you play for free while you learn the house rules and the variations of the game.

If you�d like to invest a little time and money before playing online, there are also computerized tutorials available for purchase. These programs will walk you through many hands and strategies one by one and then let you play an unlimited amount of games as you study. You get to play with funny money while the computer provides helpful hints to develop your strategy.

Slot Machines

The most popular casino gambling activity can also be accessed from your home computer. Slot machines make up over half of the gambling methods in Las Vegas casinos and are becoming more popular online every day. By matching designated symbols on the video screen in a winning combination the player can win different amounts of cash. The symbols are fun images like fruits, flowers, cartoons, and clovers. Placing them in the right order according to the rules of the game you choose can bring terrific payouts. Choose your favorite machine style and start pulling that slot machine arm with the click of your mouse.

Odds of Winning at Video Poker and Slot Machines

Both poker and slots will require some good old fashioned luck to be the big winner. Of course there is also some strategy and knowledge involved to give you an advantage over the house. For video poker practice and purchase an odds books before playing. For the online slot machine your odds of winning do not increase by placing higher bets. To increase your odds at online slots simply play as many lines as possible.

Good luck and have fun!

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